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2017 Harley Davidson Softail Slim S

I did it, I switched to a bike that really fits my style, it’s a little dark, low to the ground, with a big attitude. I’m sure we all get it wrong when we describe ourselves, but I really, really like this bike. I traded in a 2018 Harley Davidson Sportster Custom 1200 for this bike and would do it again over and over.

The Sportster had about 1200 miles when this happened, I enjoyed the bike a lot, Sportsters are great. But the revving power of a 1800cc engine is something you need to try before you judge, and going from a 1200cc bike to an 1800cc bike it’s a dream for any biker. Here is a picture I took a few days ago while at work…


I got this bike with only 110 miles on it, practically brand new. It only has a few minor scratches that are barely noticeable and it’s beautiful. Since I purchase it, I added a sissy bar, a more comfortable seat, passenger pegs and I changed the speedometer with the upgrade available from Harley Davidson. In the future months, I will be making some changes, probably a different handlebar and maybe even removable saddlebags.

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The starter motorcycle

Late last year I traded a 1995 Sportster for a 2018 Sportster as if I needed a newer version of the old bike. I enjoyed that bike for 1200 miles before I realized my mistake. I thought I was not going to be riding much and to my surprise, I was wrong.

Another surprise was my wife enjoying the rides with me, and us taking longer trips. While the Sportster is a great bike, when you get on the highway, specially with a passenger, you notice the wind throwing you all around the place. To make matters worse, the lack of a sixth gear means the engine gets extra loud and hot when traveling long rides.

Here is a picture of my Sportster…

I really enjoyed this bike but it had to go. Coming up on my next article, I will reveal the new addition to my garage. In the meantime, share with me, if you have a Sportster, what do you like the most and the least about it.

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Harley Davidson SuperSmart Battery Tender

Hello guys, I spend a few days (like 8 days) under freeze warning and the pussy in me went running to Harley Davidson and bought a batter tender.


After reading the manual (more like skimming), plug this thing on my bike and after a very long time (more like 10 minutes) my battery was fully charged. So, yeah, I wasted $40 bucks, but not really, I think a battery tender is a good thing to have around. It keeps the life of your battery as good as it can for a very long time, but if your time between rides is anything under a month, you probably don’t need one.

The thing comes with a couple of cable adapters to plug it to batteries outside of your bike, which is pretty good. If you think of any question you may have about the tender, just write it in the comments and I’ll write back with the answer.