Banking Nightmares

Banking Nightmares
March 11, 2019 Pupe

As I am setting up my business, I receive a solicitation call from Bank of America business customer service, they asked me if I am interested in opening a new checking account, since I do not have banking set up already I agree to it. We start the whole process, I get them all the information need could need from me and ship me a debit card and a pin number to my debit card. It is all good until then, when I tried activating the card, no luck, then I tried sign up for online banking, no luck.

I have a Bank of America branch near me, I get there and the lady that helped me says that because I opened the account online (or over the phone) I had to call their customer service number to get help, really? So I called them, they say they have to reset my user name and password, we do all that, then when I tried to log in, you guess it, no luck.

This morning I headed to Chase Bank, guess what, I now have a business bank account, with online banking and better yet, not monthly fees. Thanks for nothing BOA. Trust me guys, you want to spend your time making money, not dealing with people that want to offer you services but cannot figure out how to properly set an account. Ganejo.

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