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Harley Davidson SuperSmart Battery Tender

Hello guys, I spend a few days (like 8 days) under freeze warning and the pussy in me went running to Harley Davidson and bought a batter tender.


After reading the manual (more like skimming), plug this thing on my bike and after a very long time (more like 10 minutes) my battery was fully charged. So, yeah, I wasted $40 bucks, but not really, I think a battery tender is a good thing to have around. It keeps the life of your battery as good as it can for a very long time, but if your time between rides is anything under a month, you probably don’t need one.

The thing comes with a couple of cable adapters to plug it to batteries outside of your bike, which is pretty good. If you think of any question you may have about the tender, just write it in the comments and I’ll write back with the answer.

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Closing the Year at the Shooting Range

To close 2017 I headed out to Orlando Gun Club with my niece’s husband, while we took almost every firearm we had available we only shot our AR-15’s in the 50 yard rifle range. This was the first time I use a Fire Field riflescope model FF13011, this is a poor man’s scope with a laser, I’ll review this unit later on when I have more experience with it.

Had a great time, the target shown above is at 50 yards, pulled from a free standing position, I’m happy with the results. If you haven’t visited this shooting range, I recommend it, it’s clean and the staff is very professional.


After we finish, we headed to my wife’s cousin house where we (safely) displayed our tools on his pool table. It was a good way to end the year and say goodbye to 2017. Now I have to clean my “tools” to have them ready for our next trip. Happy New Year, and thank God for 2018.